Upload your listing and photos to our directory so you will be visible to the TV, film and media industries



TV, film and media professional use our advanced search and availability system to find exactly what they need 



Location owners and clients can discuss and agree the terms of the booking through our messaging system



Time to go ahead with the shoot and see your location on the big screen or in the media 






Who can join? 

Anyone over the age of 18 can use our service. We do not curate the listings however we will continually pore over reviews, transactions and listings in order to maintain authenticity and trust amongst shooot members.


How much does it cost? 

You can browse, list locations and message other members entirely for free using There is a small card transaction fee when you place a booking through our site, which is charged when a booking is confirmed. This is a charge from Paypal and is usually 3.4% + 20p for GBP transactions. You can read more about Paypal charges here:  We may make a small charge for bookings in the future when we have grown our service. 


How much should I charge to hire out my property? 

The price should simply be whatever makes it worth the time for you. We'd recommend looking at similar properties in the area to help you decide on a competitive price. You can also update the price of your listing at anytime. 


Why should I make payment through your site? 

Payment through our site is there for your convenience, and is optional so you can make alternative arrangements with the client if you wish. Payment made through shooot will be subject to a small transaction fee.


Is my property suitable as a location?  

From Buckingham Palace to a garden shed, you'll be surprised at the requests we have worked with over the years! Remember that locations can be glamorous, unique, unusual or just plain and simple. 


Can I list more than one location? 

Yes, you can list as many locations as you like. Each space is listed individually, plus website users can visit your profile to see all of your locations.


What if there aren't any listings in my area? 

Great, be the first and stand out from the crowd! By being the first to list in your area, all the attention will be on your location. 


How do I post a listing? 

On the listing homepage, simply click on the 'Add listing' and follow the instructions. To receive payments online, you will need to link your Paypal account to your profile. 


What are the risks?  

Shooot is a self-service platform to connect location owners with production industry professionals; we aim to provide a directory of helpful listings, messaging, booking and an optional payment processing service. You are in control of who books your space and the terms & management of the shoot itself. We strongly recommend that you speak with clients to verify and confirm details & payments before confirming a booking. Should you have doubts over any aspect of the shoot such as safety, legalities or payment, we recommend that you appoint an experienced locations agent who will charge a fee to manage the process for you. 


We would be happy to help put you in touch with a location agency, just contact us at